Use this page to find your device MEP quickly, without any PC connections:

  1. From the HOME SCREEN - hold ALT and type EACE (you will not see as you type)
  2. Once the information page opens - you need to copy the information into the fields below - DO NOT LEAVE THAT SCREEN
    1. Device Pin: insert the alpha-numeric pin exactly as shown
    2. App Version should look like this example: 4.6.01 (123)
    3. Uptime: Only insert the numbers (don't insert sec ) example: 32949
    4. Key Durration: Set this to 7 Days
  3. Once the KEY IS GENERATED - type it into the same screen you are already on - use the ALT button when pressing #s
  4. Then you will see the ENGINEERING SCREEN CONTENTS
    1. Go to OS Engineering Screen
    2. Go to Device Info
    3. Scroll Down about 37 clicks - it will be in the section AFTER the listing of the BANDS, the list is the SW PARTS LIST
    4. You will see MEP-xxxx-xxx this is exactly the information required to generate the 100% accurate unlock code for your device.

Enter data above.