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Frequent Asked Questions

1.- I am a store or online dealer. How do I get my price list?
Prices are already set at wholesale. If you are a dealer or store and are getting a better price for a certain model/carrier elsewhere, contact us and mention your business details and website url also the carriers/phone model that you need to match. We strive to either beat or meet any advertised price. One of our associates will send you more info by email.

2.- What is an IMEI?
It is a 15-17 digit numerical code that is unique to each phone. 95% of IMEIs start with: 01, 35 or 98 b) How do I find the IMEI? In most cases, the code can be found under the battery, or it can be found directly from the device. --- Method for all devices except blackberry to find IMEI: Simply insert original sim into phone and type *#06# --- Blackberry: in phone press \"options\" and then \"status\".

3.- Can my phone be unlocked?
If your phone has an IMEI (see question 2), and you have not hard locked it by trying to enter too many wrong codes, then yes.

4.- What if I have a model / carrier that is not in your carrier list.?
Please communicate with your sales associate for any carriers not found in our carrier list.

5.- Can all SIM card based phones work on the North American GSM Network.?
There are two SIM based networks in North America: IDEN (nextel/boost/mike). These devices cannot be used as a GSM device. GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) in North America can be used. GSM frequency in North America is 8500/1900 for 2G and 8500/1900/1700 and HSDPA for 3G.

6.- What happens if my code is "not found"?
You will not be billed for any codes that come back "not found". your credits will be refunded

7.- If my code is Not Found, Is there another Method?
If your code is "not found" in the carrier method, there is a good chance to try the manufacturer method. But this is not always guaranteed

8.- I ordered a code two months ago. I have lost it, what do I do?
You may verify your archived codes in your account - simply click Process IMEI Tab and it should be listed, if not, Send your sales rep an email with the IMEI and a note that you lost the code. We will retrieve it from our archives.

9.- The code I received doesn\'t work. What do I do?
A. Verify the IMEI submitted via the device directly. (Some codes are generated via calculating method and a wrong IMEI will still generate a code.) Please make sure that the IMEI submitted matches the IMEI in the phone. No refunds issues for wrong IMEI. B. Ensure you have the correct protocol of entering code. Please read the \"unlock\" page of this website or communicate with your sales associate for protocols. C. Verify the carrier the phone is locked to. If the device is a blackberry: check the vendor id ( hold/alt/ shift/h ) D. If the IMEI is the same. Please send a verification request to your sales representative with IMEI and code.

10.- What happens when wrong code is entered into phone too many times?
Most devices are set by manufacturer with a temp limit for unlocking. If such limit is attained then the device becomes hard locked and becomes unusable without original SIM card. Blackberry: 10 Tries (Impossible to restore) HTC 3 Tries (Impossible to restore) HP 3 Tries (Impossible to restore) Huawei 5 Tries (Impossible to restore) Lg 3 - 5 Tries (With technician possible to restore) Motorola (None droid) 3 Tries (If device hard locked and says contact service provider. Simply leave wrong sim in phone for 30 min and the phone will reset.) Nokia new model 3 Tries, old model 5 Tries (Possible with equipment and technician) Palm 3 Tries (Impossible to restore) Pantech 5 Tries (Impossible to restore) Samsung some models 3 tries and others 5. It will say phone freeze. An unfreeze code will work. However, without this code a technician is required. Sony Ericsson: 3-5 Tries (Possible with technician)

11.- It is taking longer than the suggested time frame for my code to be processed. What do I do?
In the event that the code is taking longer than the suggested time, send an email to your sales representative, including the IMEI, carrier, model, date and time submitted. Your sales rep will get back to you with instructions.

12.- How long are my credits good for?
Credits never expire. However, there will be no refunds of credits after they are purchased.