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Dealer Program


The term "Unlocking" in our case refers to removing the SIM CARD restrictions enforced by carriers on GSM mobile devices. SIM Locks may also be referred to as the Network Lock, Service Provider Lock or Subsidy Lock.

GSM Sim Unlocking originally started about 12-18 years ago in Europe, and required a technician with some electronics background, some cables (many different phones meant many different cables), some special tools and a steady hand in some cases. Normally this would void the warranty on any carrier device.

About 5 years ago, in 2005, some people began to realize that since the device has a LOCK, it must have a KEY, well they were absolutely correct. However, like a SAFE, each device has its own unique key, based on an algorithmic calculation and the device''s personal serial number (Imei or Esn).These keys are usually stored by the manufacturers and or by the carriers.

In America LG, Rim, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson "pass the buck" back to the carrier for the subsidy codes, and the carrier sends the clients back to the manufacturers, in a vicious circle of agony. This makes it quite difficult for the consumer to unlock his/her phone.

Our Solution

The solution to all these issues for mobile device wholesalers, retailers, and distributors to offer those customers the official subsidy codes.

Online unlock codes generally sell in the range of $5 - $75 depending on the model, carrier and level of difficulty required to acquire such codes.

Right now is a perfect time in North America for Subsidy codes: Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Bell, Telus, and numerous other carriers are entering the GSM spectrum, and therefore will all be selling new GSM devices to the end users.

For a current list of:


Requirements in the Industry of Unlocking

1. Strong solid supplier. We are 7 days a week, 365, with redundant backups if anyone goes down or is offline

2. Solid customer base. This is a numbers game; you need to market yourself to your potential customers using whatever mediums your prefer, put the effort and enjoy the rewards.

3. Must be Organized. Many orders can be confusing and overwhelming, but organization can make it a breeze. Our portal is set up with all this in mind!

4. Fast responses to clients questions. Quick reply timing is important, many retailers will have their clients in their shop waiting for an answer to their concern or question. Even if the code can take 24hours, as long as they can relay information to their down-line, everyone is happy.


Required Tools for remote unlocking

1. PC, laptop or smartphone with internet connection and browser.

2. Paypal. 90% of the clients prefer to pay with PayPal, however for the other 10%  you may add other payment options. Credits can be manually added or subtracted from the user's account using the ADMIN panel.

3. Marketing tools. You will need to get the word out, there are numerous options. Ask us for more details.

4. Time. If you put the time, you will enjoy the rewards. The more you advertise, the more emails and calls you will get; these will convert to new customers and orders.


Order of Operations:

1. User makes account in YOUR portal

2. User funds his account - payment goes to YOUR paypal.

3. User sends Imei to YOUR portal

4. YOUR portal sends the info to the central processing system.

5. Central returns codes to YOUR portal

6. YOUR portal sends codes to final customer

*This is a HANDS OFF Business! Your job is to sell and find customers, The SYSTEM IS FULLY AUTOMATED!


All accounts are PREPAID

When you purchase your portal, $xxx will be allocated for your credits on THIS server.

You must have credits available in THIS server for your site to continue to process the codes and orders.

When your customers register, you will be able to "set the rules".

Our policy is NO MONEY REQUIRED for an account, but the user can not process an order until they fund their account.


Funding Accounts

When a user clicks BUY MORE CREDITS they will be able to choose how many credits they wish to purchase.

Once they complete the paypal process, they will be returned to the site. The site will automatically add the purchased credits to their account.


In YOUR admin panel - you will have a vast amount of reports, and you may drill down for details.

-Includes orders processed, amounts received, amounts due to suppliers, commissions payable commission sales tracking, and more


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